StorSimple 5000/7000 Series: New Software Upgrade Patch v2.1.1.478 is now available

Software Patch v2.1.1.478 is now available to download for StorSimple 5000/7000 series at site.

Key Points:


When should customer do Firmware Upgrade?

Any customer running appliance software >= v2.1.1.325 and <= should do a Firmware upgrade

Should appliance running software >= need firmware upgrade?

Ideally any appliance running software >= do not need firmware upgrade, they should already be on latest Firmware.

Will the appliance run into any issues if Firmware upgrade patch storsimple- is run on the appliance that already has the latest firmware?

No, there are no issues if firmware upgrade patch is run on the appliance which already has latest firmware. The firmware upgrade will complete faster since it compares and skips if the latest one is found.


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