and congrats to CDN ISV 90 degree software for being highlighted on the site!

Man I’m stoked about this – this is so cool… Check out (very innovative look and feel to this site and features a walking talking Tom Skerrit highlighting various solutions on Vista/WinFX). So yes, the site is cool. However, the reason I’m so excited is the fact that one of the Canadian ISV’s I’ve…


Windows Workflow Foundation (Beta 2) Hands on Labs available

The WF team have updated the hands on labs to the latest Beta 2 version (you can download the WF beta 2 here and see my previous post if you’re interested in not just WF, but the rest of WinFX as well). Here’s the WF main landing page for lots of other info on WF.  


Availability of "Go Live" license for WCF and WF

What’s the “big news” today? Today we announced the availability of “go live” licenses for two big components of “WinFX”. Those components being Windows Communication Foundation, and Windows WorkFlow Foundation. The Go Live license permits you to deploy your WCF and/or WF application into a live operating system environment. Without the Go Live license you…