Microsoft – SAP & Siebel links from MSDN Canada Devchat

  Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO) – MSDN VSTO Dev Centre – VSTO labs, walkthroughs, code samples, and demos   Information Bridge Framework (IBF) –          MSDN Dev Centre, training, demos, and technical articles  SAP Resources   Microsft/SAP Interoperability announcement (May 2004) – press release   SAP Developer Network   SAP Developer Network (SDN)…


MSDN Connected Systems Deep Dive – Resources

As promised, here’s a list of resources I mentioned during my Connected Systems MSDN Deep Dive presentation and should help get you started…   [UPDATE: Here’s a link to Simon’s WSE Trace tool I used during the WSE demo]   Web Services, Web Services Architecture   Connected Systems .NET Show Episode – Fantastic episode featuring…


Indigo briefing

[UPDATE: Check out Don, Doug, Richard and Eric on the latest .NET Show talking about Connected Systems  – highly recommended! ] Last week I was in Redmond attending an internal session on Indigo and it was amazing!! Don Box’s talk was awesome as usual… I always enjoy his talks as he’s got a great presentation style.  You know what’s…


The return of the MSDN Deep Dives!! This time – Connected Systems

It’s that time o’ year again! Halloween? nah fo’get halloween, I’m talkin’ about the oh so popular MSDN Deep Dives!!  The theme this time is on Connected Systems which is very cool as this is where my main interests are. The idea behind the format of this Connected Systems Deep Dive is that over the past year we’ve done…


The Bloggers Guide to Biztalk

If you’re into BizTalk 2004, you’ve gotta have a look at this cool help file (.chm) that was put together by a bunch of BizTalk Bloggers (and according to the doc it’ll be updated on a monthly basis). Very cool idea as you’ll see the content reads very much like a blog in that it…


Mobility Videos on Channel 9

While we’re on the mobility theme here I just noticed Scoble put up some cool mobility videos on Channel 9. (Remember you can download these now too!!) Tour of mobile devices with Visual Studio for Devices team A look at the emulator that’s built into the next version of Visual Studio for mobile development A…


Windows Mobility resources – Vancouver .NET User Group Presentation

I had a great time last night delivering a mobility talk to the Vancouver .NET User Groups. Thanks for coming everyone and congrat’s to the lucky winners of our prize draws!! If you didn’t win something this time, keep coming as we’ll be giving away more prizes at future presentations. Here’s some resources that I mentioned…


Cool URL capability for beta documention on MSDN!!

Check this out: You can substitute System.Web with whatever namespace  (for example ). You can even put in properties! Very nicely done!! This is awesome!


Hello Vancouver!

Well, it’s official! I’ve re-located from Calgary to Vancouver and am totally stoked to be back in BC. Mind you, I didn’t miss the provincial sales tax that’s for sure! The last month’s been pretty crazy with the whole moving thing (note to self – never move again… it sucks!) so here’s a quick blast of some recent…


“NAP” – Not just a cool acronym!

I was reading Ari’s blog this weekend and he discussed “NAP” Network Access Protection which is a new feature in Windows 2003 Release 2. I hadn’t heard of this yet so I read a bit about it and it’s a very cool concept!! Basically, NAP provides a means for adminsitrators and developers to validate the “health“…