Did you know Skydrive is now 25 GIGABYTES of free online storage and Hotmail is now “ever growing”

Two huge announcements I’m finding not a lot of people are aware of with regards to the latest release of Windows Live.

1. Skydrive is now 25GB (used to be 5GB) of free online storage. Not to me they did a great job integrating a nicer photo experience into the new page. check it out at: http://skydrive.live.com

2. Hotmail storage is now “ever growing” so no need to even worry about ever hitting a limit


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Comments (5)

  1. Sean says:

    Any word on when Live Mesh will be updated? 5GB is getting a bit tight, and why isn’t SkyDrive/Mesh sharing the same space?

  2. stoey says:

    Hey Sean, no update on Live Mesh storage increase yet. However, did you know that you can surpass the 5GB limit from a peer to peer perspective? Your limit as far as what gets replicated to the cloud is 5GB, but this doesn’t apply to replicating between devices. So imagine a large picture or music collection that you just setup to not replicate with your cloud device. This is a good point you raise though as I was just asked this the other day as well. I’ll do a post on this.

  3. Over on Ryan’s blog he details some news about the new 25GB storage for Skydrive (our personal storage

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