Office 14 Web Applications PDC 2008 Video Demo

Here’s a snippet from the Day 2 keynote at PDC showing Office 14 Web Applications:

Comments (2)

  1. Fabian says:

    This new Office 14 news is fantastic even though some wait is involved. We use <A HREF=""&gt; HyperOffice </A> for online collaboration and productivity, and it integrates with Microsoft Office, in addition to having comprehensive collaboration functionality. The only limitation was the lack the necessity of local MS Office to open and collaborate on documents as opposed to Google Apps, whose documents open from the browser itself.

    But having to learn a whole new Office application for the marginal benefit of browser access was just not worth it, since we were all used to MS Office, and most systems have MS Office installed locally anyway, and the fact that HyperOffice offered us numerous other functionalities (intranets, extranets, webmail, forums, contact management, calendars etc etc).

    But with the ability for browser access of Office docs, the situation will truly be win win for us!

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