Good post from George Moore, GM, Live Platform Services

Via Angus (who's blog is definitely one you want to check out for all the latest on Live Platform. He also gave a killer presentation on Live Platform at Mix08)

George Moore has a detailed post on the (new and improved!) blog "A Unified Standards-Based Protocols and Tooling Platform for Storage from Microsoft".

Here's a snippet:

A Unified Standards-Based Protocols and Tooling Platform for Storage from Microsoft

Posted by George Moore, General Manager, Live Platform Services

In the AtomPub protocol alignment section of last week’s blog posting by Dave Treadwell, he foreshadowed a “few more surprises in this area to be announced at MIX”. I wanted to take this time to more fully paint the picture of our work behind the scenes over the last few months in the context of the announcements at MIX08.

For the first time ever we have a unified protocol and developer tooling story across most of our major storage products from Microsoft:

The unified on-the-wire format is Atom, with the unified protocol being AtomPub across all of the above storage products and services. For on-premises access to SQL Server, placing an AtomPub interface on top of your data + business logic is ideal so that you can easily expose that end point to everybody that wants to consume it, whether they are inside or outside your corporate network.

Read it in full here


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