Windows Live Hotmail – Got my bump to 5GB and also configured my LiveID for InfoCard

Cool! All week I was checking my storage limit wondering when I'd get the magic bump from 2GB to 5GB and it just kicked in! Not that I actually found I needed 5GB of storage, but hey, I'm happy to have it 🙂


If you're looking for more info on this, have a look at my colleague Jacky Mok's posts (Jacky is the PM for Windows Live Hotmail in Canada)

Jacky's recent posts on the Hotmail update:

Windows Live Hotmail update is just around the corner!

Hotmail Auto-upgrade

On a related note, I also configured my LiveID for Infocard today. Here's what it looks like:

First setting it up:


After I created the InfoCard:



More info here from Nayna (LiveID PM) and Rob (PM for CardSpace)


Comments (2)

  1. bizguy says:

    hotmail is catching up with other email providers a google and yahoo.

    i’m glad to see more

  2. bizbuy says:

    Although hotmail is a famous brand mail service, but it’s not friendly for use.

    Now Yahoo released no limited storage for email users now!!

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