Online Services Strategy Manager… What the heck does that mean?

Hello blog, long time no write...

For those of you who haven't heard, last year I took on a new role at Microsoft Canada as Strategy Manager for Search and Online Services. It's a very cool job as it spans a LOT of product teams, technologies and business units at Microsoft. At the same time, it's a bit daunting as... well umm... there are a lot of products and business groups to deal with 🙂  So last year I was pretty heads down doing a lot of internally focused coordination on some key areas, like Enterprise Search with SharePoint 2007, as well as working very heavily with the Online Services Group on some very exciting stuff you'll hear a lot about shortly. 

If you're curious, here's a bit of a breakdown of where I spend my time (and therefore what you'll see surfacing on this blog)

  • Software and Services Strategy
    • This is pretty much the centre of gravity for my role. Essentially I spend a lot of time being a bridge between our Enterprise product and sales teams and our Online Services product and sales teams.  
    • As Ray Ozzie put it:

"Services is going to be a critical aspect of all of our offerings from Windows and Office on the client to Exchange and SharePoint and Dynamics and other things on the server, and in order to gain leverage across all of our offerings, we're taking a platform approach to services, giving each of our products the common benefits of cost, speed, scale and monetization that a platform approach offers."

and trying to keep up with lots of other interesting things like AdCenter, adlabs, livelabs, Microsoft Research, and of course that crazy DPE team I'm still on 😉

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  1. bizguy says:

    Online business is becoming a popular part of any big company

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