and congrats to CDN ISV 90 degree software for being highlighted on the site!

Man I'm stoked about this - this is so cool... Check out (very innovative look and feel to this site and features a walking talking Tom Skerrit highlighting various solutions on Vista/WinFX).

So yes, the site is cool. However, the reason I'm so excited is the fact that one of the Canadian ISV's I've been working with this year, 90 degree software, is featured on the site! What a huge opportunity to get some exposure, and very well deserved I  might add as these guys have been heads down, and very deep into WinFX since last fall and it's starting to pay off now. The 90degree guys are going to absolutely change the world of reporting and I'm proud to say that their entire solution is built on WinFX! In particular, they've dug really deep into WPF and WCF in order to build out their product that leverages SQL 2005 Reporting Services (and our Report Definition Language). I'll leave the description at that for now as I'll get into more details in a future post as I'm meeting with them in a few weeks to do a channel9 style interview with them on various pieces of their product (ie. I think it would be interesting to get them, and some other ISV's I've been working with, to share what WinFX/WPF/WCF/WF etc. mean from an ISV perspective).In the meantime, check them out on (click on "turning information into action").

Congrats to everyone at 90 degree software! Well done (and thanks for the invite to your Beta 1 release party. Had a great time there...)

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