A random bunch of WPF videos I just sent to some folks – thought I’d recycle the electrons and post here…

I had a good chat with one of the ISV's I work with and we ended up spending some time discussing WPF and XAML. As a follow up I sent some videos I thought would be applicable. Thought maybe others might be interested in them as well so....here's some random WPF videos:

Here’s a cool WPF demo that really shows you the power of WPF. It’s from Bill G’s keynote at the Mix06 conference earlier this year. Fast forward to 44:00 to see the BBC demo



Hands down my favorite presentation of all time on seeing XAML demonstrated is Robert's talk from Mix06– I love this talk


(hint: I downloaded the video from here and then I watch it sped up)


(by the way, all the sessions from that conference are available online so check out more at http://sessions.mix06.com)


The “I got no stinkin’ time to watch hour long videos but need to get the gist of this WPF/XAML stuff” series J


You’ve gotta love youtube.com – here’s a bunch of video snippets from Filipe Fortes that does an awesome job of demonstrating WPF/XAML


o   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2tKj_zscwNE&search=wpf%20xaml%20avalon%20programming%20screencast%20microsoft%20vista%20development%20typography%20reading


o   This is a quick video showing off XAML and that tool “XAMLPad”

o   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyrN_Ky3HWc&search=wpf%20xaml%20avalon%20programming%20screencast%20microsoft%20vista%20development%20typography%20reading


o   Here’s a quick video showing the developer/designer interaction (visual studio and our new “expression interactive designer” product for designers)

o   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jo2acEXxbSM&search=wpf%20xaml%20avalon%20programming%20screencast%20microsoft%20vista%20development%20typography%20reading


o   Video in WPF

o   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJnMaZ5x4zE&search=wpf%20xaml%20avalon%20programming%20screencast%20microsoft%20vista%20development%20typography%20reading


o   Typography in WPF

o   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lpo9Bbu9ZRE&search=wpf%20xaml%20avalon%20programming%20screencast%20microsoft%20vista%20development%20typography%20reading



If you want longer, more in depth stuff on WPF here’s some videos (pulled from Tim Sneath's blog - one you should check out if you're into WPF at all. Fantastic resource)

  • WPF Architecture. In this deeply technical interview, Greg Schechter explains all the unmanaged portions of WPF, that is, the Desktop Window Manager (DWM) and the Media Integration Layer (MIL). This whiteboard-orientated talk describes how WPF renders content to the screen, both from managed WPF applications and from unmanaged GDI/GDI+ applications. This stuff is really poorly documented today, but it's crucial to understanding how your application will perform in a real-world environment.
  • WPF from Conception to Futures. Michael Wallent, General Manager for WPF and ex-Product Unit Manager for Internet Explorer, describes the genesis of WPF and initial goals, outlines the sweet spots for the technology, explains where WPF fits amidst a landscape of web and rich client technologies, and shares some of the early thinking about what v2 of the product might look like. This is the best talk I've heard anyone give on the guiding philosophies behind WPF.
  • Mix06 Thailand Demo. There's nothing better than seeing someone actually write some WPF code if you want to get the hang of how this stuff fits together. In just over twenty minutes, Fil Fortes creates a great looking application from scratch using Expression Interactive Designer and Visual Studio 2005 (our two primary tools for targeting WPF). If you're the kind of person that just likes to cut straight to the code, then this is a good video to watch.
  • What's WPF All About? My colleague and partner-in-crime Karsten Januszewski gives a good concise explanation of WPF and shows a few demos including 15 Puzzle, 3D cloth, and of course The North Face. If you're completely fresh to WPF, this is a good starting point.
  • WPF Imaging. Peggi, Robert and Rajat (PM, test and dev respectively for Windows Imaging) guide us through the APIs for handling and manipulating image files in WPF. You'll see the pipeline that we have for things like cropping, rotating and color conversion, along with a description of how you can use the unmanaged APIs this team produces to build your own pluggable image codecs.
  • Allscripts Patient Monitoring Demo. This prototype application has been around for a little while now, but I still think it's one of the single best examples of the kind of immersive, integrated user experience that WPF promotes. The app combines live patient monitoring data with ink-annotated ultrasound videos, electronic journals and 3D animation. This is one to show the non-technical folks in your organization to help them get the idea of what WPF is about.

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