.NET and J2EE Interop resources

.NET and J2EE Interop resources


I had a great time presenting this topic at several User Groups over the past couple weeks. In particular, it was awesome to have the Vancouver Java Users Group (VanJUG) come out. Thanks for coming guys, hope you enjoyed the session!!


As promised, here’s some resources I mentioned I’d gather together.


Java interop site on MSDN



Application Interoperability : Microsoft .NET and J2EE

This was that blue book I was holding up during the User Group presentation that was created by the Patterns and Practices team. I would highly recommend you check this out as they’ve done an excellent job on this guide. You can read the chapters online, download it in PDF format, or purchase it from your favorite online book shop. Here’s the sample app you can download as well


Article on Interop with BEA using Web Services



Intrinsyc’s website


CodeMesh website


JNBridge's website



Good blogs in this space

Simon Guest


Brian Keller


Ted Neward




Web Services Interop site on MSDN



Simon Guest is our interoperability dude and he’s done an incredible amount of work in this are and produced some fantastic resources in the form of his book, webcasts on interop, whitepapers, blogging, and even a cool WSE trace tool.


Top 10 WS Interoperability tips



Why not have Simon explain the above tips to you by watching his MSDNTV episode where he whiteboards this all out. Highly recommended!



Articles on Interop from Simon



Microsoft .NET and J2EE Interoperability Toolkit book




The MSDN team has an incredible amount of interop webcasts you can access at https://www.interopmonth.com/home/


Here’s a list of some of the topics just to give you an idea. As you can see there’s a LOT of content available. Check it out! https://www.interopmonth.com/home/

MSDN Architecture Webcast: .NET Interoperability with the OS/390 and z/OS Data Center (Level 200)

MSDN Architecture Webcast: Application Interoperability: Microsoft .NET and J2EE (Level 200)

MSDN Architecture Webcast: Integration Patterns (Level 200)

MSDN Architecture Webcast: Interoperability and Migration Between .NET and COM (Level 200)

MSDN Webcast: .NET Integration with BEA Weblogic (Level 300)

MSDN Webcast: .NET Interoperability with the AS/400 data center (Level 200)

MSDN Webcast: .NET Smart Client (Level 200)

MSDN Webcast: An Architectural Comparison Between IBM Mainframe CICS and the Transaction Processing Services of the Windows Server System (Level 300)

MSDN Webcast: Connected Systems Kit and Service Oriented Architecture (Level 200)

MSDN Webcast: Enterprise Services in .NET (Level 200)

MSDN Webcast: High-Performance Interoperability Between .NET and Java with JNBridgePro (Level 200)

MSDN Webcast: How to Design Your Web Services For Successful Interoperability

MSDN Webcast: IBM Systems: Using Host Integration Server to Expose Mainframe and Midrange Applications as XML Web Services (Level 300)

MSDN Webcast: Integrating Active Directory with Unix and Java/J2EE Environments (Level 200)

MSDN Webcast: Interoperability and Internet Application Development (Level 200)

MSDN Webcast: Interoperability Between .NET and Apache Axis (Level 200)

MSDN Webcast: Interoperability Between .NET and Jboss (Level 200)

MSDN Webcast: Interoperability Between .NET and WebSphere (Level 200)

MSDN Webcast: Interoperability Between BizTalk Server 2004 and J2EE Using JNBridgePro (Level 200)

MSDN Webcast: Interoperability Techniques Between .NET and Java (Level 200)

MSDN Webcast: Legacy Integration with Microsoft BizTalk and .NET Made Easy (Level 200)

MSDN Webcast: Let's Learn About the WS Standards: Standards that Promote Interoperability between Web Service Implementations (Level 200)

MSDN Webcast: Microsoft Interop Strategy for the iSeries Platform

MSDN Webcast: Mono: Interoperating with Linux the Easy Way (Level 200)

MSDN Webcast: Mono: Running .NET Applications on Linux (Level 200)

MSDN Webcast: Native Code Interoperability in .NET Compact Framework 2.0 (Level 300)

MSDN Webcast: Strategies and Tactics for Interoperability Using BizTalk Server (Level 300)

MSDN Webcast: SwA Between BEA and.NET Using SOAP Extensions (Level 300)

MSDN Webcast: System Integrator Power Tools for VS 2003 (Level 200)

MSDN Webcast: Using Visual Studio .NET to Update Instrument Controls Written with Legacy Code (Level 200)

MSDN Webcast: Web Services (Level 300)

MSDN Webcast: Web Services Interoperability with BizTalk Server 2004 (Level 200)

MSDN Webcast: WS-I Base Profile (Level 200)

MSDN Webcast: WS-Security and the WSE Adapter for BizTalk Server 2004 (Level 200)

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