The return of the MSDN Deep Dives!! This time – Connected Systems

It's that time o' year again! Halloween? nah fo'get halloween, I'm talkin' about the oh so popular MSDN Deep Dives!!  The theme this time is on Connected Systems which is very cool as this is where my main interests are. The idea behind the format of this Connected Systems Deep Dive is that over the past year we've done presentations and webcasts on why web services are good, what is SOA, Web Services Enhancments (WSE), and an introduction to Biztalk 2004 when the product launched earlier this year. So for the Deep Dive we thought "ok, so we've introduced a lot of these topics but we've never had enough time to discuss how all of this fits together and really illustrates Microsoft's vision around what Connected Systems is". That's the great thing about the Deep Dive format... Instead of getting say an hour (which usually ends up being 40 min realistically) to talk about this, we get 3.5 hours so this gives us more time to be much more thorough. If you didn't get a chance to take in some of the topics don't worry, we'll do a quick "sanity check" before diving into each of the topics to ensure we're all on the same page, but we won't be spending a lot of time introducing the topics.

In addition, the demo we're building for this is going to be very cool... We're going start off with a WinForms app and then layer on Web Services, WSE, and then an integration with BTS 2004 to Microsoft CRM and Axapta! We've never done something like this before in any of our demos so this going to be pretty cool! Here's where I go all "infomercial" on ya and throw in the ginsu knives... Each of the attendees of this presentation will be getting a copy of the new Microsoft Press book "Enterprise Integration Solutions" by Devin Spackman and Mark Speaker. But the cool part is that the authors are going to be attending the Deep Dives as well, and co-presenting with Dan, Adam and I when we walk through parts of the demo.

Here's some links to register in a city near you... See ya there!!

Oct. 21 -- Halifax

Oct. 21 -- Victoria

Oct. 26 – Vancouver

Oct. 26 -- Quebec City

Oct. 28 -- Ottawa

Oct. 28 -- Winnipeg

Nov. 10 -- Montreal

Nov. 10 -- Edmonton

Nov. 16 -- Toronto

Nov. 16 – Calgary

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