The Bloggers Guide to Biztalk

If you're into BizTalk 2004, you've gotta have a look at this cool help file (.chm) that was put together by a bunch of BizTalk Bloggers (and according to the doc it'll be updated on a monthly basis). Very cool idea as you'll see the content reads very much like a blog in that it doesn't have to be super polished and as a result ends up being very down to earth and easy to read and absorb. So you end up with a gathering of some fantastic blog entries in the convenience of a help file.


Here's the folks behind the creation of it, and their blogs (this is also contained in the guide)


Alan Smith BizTalk 101 - BacktoBasics

Christof Claessens ChristofClaessens' WebLog

Jeff Lynch ABizTalkEnthusiast

Kevin B Smith Kevin BSmith'sWebLog

Mike Holdorf MikeHoldorf'sBlog

Stephen Kaufman Stephen Kaufman'sWebLog

Scott Woodgate ScottWoodgate's Business Process and IntegrationOutBursts

Lee Graber BizTalk CoreEngine's WebLog

Gilles Zunino Gilles'WebLog

JanTielens Jan Tielens'Bloggings

DarrenJefford DarrenJefford

PeterHimschoot Peter Himschoot'sblog

Eldar Musayev EldarM's WebLog

Kevin Lam Kevin Lam'sWebLog


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