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You've got to check ... The basic concept is to provide some transparency around some of the teams and individuals at Microsoft. What they're up to, what their job is, what some of their thoughts are etc. Here's a couple to get you going: Dare Obasanjo on XML , Chris Sells gives a tour of the hallways of MSDN , tell the windows server team what you need , and the always interesting Bill Hill on why Windows is not the most important OS ... Well that should keep ya busy and give you a bit of an idea of what Channel 9 is all about. Here's the blurb that tells the story of how it got started and what's the intent is:

“Channel 9 started as a personal story from one of us about fear of flying. Lenn realized after years of dealing with it, that it was actually a fear of the unknown. The fear was conquered through learning. The more transparency into what it took to fly a plane, the more the fear went away. Lenn got to know pilots who flew planes everyday, and every time he flew he turned on Channel 9 on the in-flight audio system to listen in to the cockpit.

We think developers need their own Channel 9, a way to listen in to the cockpit at Microsoft, an opportunity to learn how we fly, a chance to get to know our pilots. Five of us in Redmond are crazy enough to think we just might learn something from getting to know each other. Were we wrong? Time will tell.

Join in, and have a look inside our cockpit and help us fly the plane.

Welcome to Channel 9.

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