Scaling Up with STM.NET

Aviad Ezra posted a nice piece to his blog about STM.NET.  He goes into considerable depth discussing both the productivity benefits of STM when writing applications and our implementation.  It’s a great read:


STM.NET Contracts aka Access Modifiers for Transactional Memory

(by Sukhdeep Sodhi) Now that we’ve released STM.NET into the wild some of you may want to go beyond the simple ‘Hello World’ example* and start writing more sophisticated applications. There are a lot of excellent research ideas on transactional memory. However, as Sasha likes to say “building a useful product requires great theory, a…


STM.NET Released!

I hope everyone saw Soma’s announcement that STM.NET is now live on MSDN Devlabs! We have been talking about software transactional memory for some time now.  Last year my Ch9 interview I mentioned we were looking to work with customers under a non-disclosure agreement; but now you can experiment with STM.NET without a NDA!  Yesterday,…


Transactional memory in a real world

(by Sasha Dadiomov)    Isn’t it a common phenomenon that each thing has many faces?  If you were following the transactional memory community for some time, you probably saw it as a pretty theoretical area. There is obviously a lot of science here – discussions about things like “AME calculus” don’t leave much doubt. But…


Transactional Memory on Channel 9

Dana and I have been talking with Charles from channel 9 about transactional memory. Please check out the video. We like to call it “the TM holiday special” 🙂   Charles has also interviewed our indefatigable QA-engineer-at-large Chris Dern on the novel concurrency testing techniques he and his buddies from MSR are discovering and applying. Check out…


Initial Forays into Transactional Memory Programming Models

  Welcome again to the TM blog! This time your host is Yossi Levanoni. I’m the dev lead on the TM project. It was great to see the high-quality questions we’ve gotten in response to Dana’s previous (and our altogether first) post on the blog and I’m looking forward to many more interesting discussions. As…


Welcome to the Transactional Memory Team’s Blog!

If you have been using the Parallel Extension CTP or simply writing multi-threaded code yourself, you probably have run into situations where you needed to share data between multiple threads.   So long as the data is read-only, this isn’t a problem, but what about mutating data? The easy answer is to use a lock.  There…