Scaling Up with STM.NET

Aviad Ezra posted a nice piece to his blog about STM.NET.  He goes into considerable depth discussing both the productivity benefits of STM when writing applications and our implementation.  It’s a great read:

STM.NET Released!

I hope everyone saw Soma’s announcement that STM.NET is now live on MSDN Devlabs! We have been talking about software transactional memory for some time now.  Last year my Ch9 interview I mentioned we were looking to work with customers under a non-disclosure agreement; but now you can experiment with STM.NET without a NDA!  Yesterday,…


Transactional Memory on Channel 9

Dana and I have been talking with Charles from channel 9 about transactional memory. Please check out the video. We like to call it “the TM holiday special” 🙂   Charles has also interviewed our indefatigable QA-engineer-at-large Chris Dern on the novel concurrency testing techniques he and his buddies from MSR are discovering and applying. Check out…