STM.NET DevLab Incubation Complete

I would like to thank everyone who downloaded and participated in the MSDN DevLab and tried our .NET 4.0 Framework enabled to use Software Transactional Memory (STM.NET). Now that we have shipped VS2010, we decided to conclude that DevLab.   We appreciate all the feedback we have received since STM.NET was released; it truly helps us define…


Scaling Up with STM.NET

Aviad Ezra posted a nice piece to his blog about STM.NET.  He goes into considerable depth discussing both the productivity benefits of STM when writing applications and our implementation.  It’s a great read:


MSDN magazine article about STM.NET

January issue of MSDN magazine has a nice article “ACID Transactions with STM.NET”, by Ted Neward. It gives good overview of STM.NET and specifically  focuses on one of it’s unique features, which stands behind the letter “D” – extending pure memory transactions into the realm of “real” durable transactions and I/O.