Transactional Memory on Channel 9

Dana and I have been talking with Charles from channel 9 about transactional memory. Please check out the video. We like to call it “the TM holiday special” 🙂


Charles has also interviewed our indefatigable QA-engineer-at-large Chris Dern on the novel concurrency testing techniques he and his buddies from MSR are discovering and applying. Check out the video here. I wish I had Chris' job! This is just too much fun...


Last but not least we also have a video from our peers working on an actor/agent-based language called Maestro.



Yours truly, wishing you a happy new year,




Comments (2)

  1. Brett Morgan says:

    The attack on Agents in that video is distressing, mainly in the way that it displays a complete disregard for what is already known in the field. Yes we do scale actors down to the "object". It works, and works well.

    Look up Concurrency Oriented Programming and do some reading. Especially Joe Armstrong’s Programming Erlang, published by the PragProg guys.

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