Sparkle, development teams, and what ‘no code’ means

Microsoft Expression “Sparkle Interactive Designer” (Sparkle for short) was announced and demonstrated at the Professional Developers’ Conference in Los Angeles last month. To find out what this powerful tool is all about, see the Expression Home Page, the Sparkle Team on Channel9, and Eric Rudder’s PDC keynote.   So, what is the Sparkle tool good…


Avalon 3D File System Visualizer (FolderTreemap3D)

Download the FolderTreemap3D sample (Requires Windows Server 2003 or Windows XP, .NET Framework 2.0 SDK Beta 2 (or Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2), and WinFX Beta 1 RC Runtimes and SDK)   Ben Shneiderman developed the treemap style of visualization in the early 1990s in response to the common problem of a filled hard disk….


Building Avalon Apps: Basics and Behind-the-scenes. Part 2

Command-line build 2: XAML-only NavigationApplication In the previous post I showed how to build a very basic C#-only Avalon application. At the end I mentioned that declaring and initializing UI is probably not best done with imperative code. This time I’ll go to the other extreme and declare a very simple application entirely in markup….


Building Avalon Apps: Basics and Behind-the-scenes. Part 1

I thought it would be interesting to walk through building some very basic Avalon applications. Some topics I want to introduce include Avalon’s application model; the interplay between declarative XAML markup and imperative CLR code-behind; what happens at build time; and some behind-the-scenes details at runtime.   The WinFX Beta 1 RC bits To follow…



So I’ve talked about classes representing the ideas of note and interval. This post I’ll cover Voices.ScaleClass, Voices.Scale and Voices.KeySignature.   A scale is an interesting interplay between notes and intervals within an octave. As an example, the notes C D E F G A B constitute the C major scale. But it is the…


Even more registration-free COM articles!

So, I spent the past two weekends and every evening between finishing these. Please check them out and let me know what you think. Registration-Free Activation of COM Components: A Walkthrough Registration-Free Activation of .NET-Based Components: A Walkthrough


New registration-free COM article

I posted the article “SxS Managed COM With Manifest Resource (WinXP and Win2K3)” some time ago and Jason Buxton was interested in applying it to Visual Basic 6.0 client applications. Well, I’ve put together an MSDN article proposal which addresses that question and is a general improvement on the original article. The new article is…


Starting over with Voices.Interval

In the previous post in the Voices category I showed my re-imagined Voices.Note class and its close relatives. You can already see that the new design has a useful separation of tone from note. I had also mixed solfeggio and scale into my initial, abandoned, design. I’ll come to scale in the future but, in…


My team is hiring in the UK!

Follow this link and under Development you’ll see the job title Developer Consultant PSfD.   Tell them Steve sent you. 🙂  


Side-by-side Assemblies Articles

Jason, thanks for your comment on the previous post. What particularly resonated with me was “Making it work for real would be a big deal where I work,” because I’m part of Premier Support for Developers and our job is helping enterprise and ISV Microsoft customers with their app development issues. Customers buy an annual contract…