My team is hiring in the UK!

Follow this link and under Development you’ll see the job title Developer Consultant PSfD.


Tell them Steve sent you. 🙂


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  1. Asam says:

    Is there scope for travel and training? I have about 5 years app development experience but want the chance to work on more technologies as well as being in the surroundings of others that want to learn.

    Also… is the there a rough figure on the salary?

  2. Steve White says:

    Training is crucial to the role, so there’s lots of that. Travel varies, e.g. I once had to work with a team in Milan for a few days at a time over a period of a month, others have also travelled within Europe to lend assistance or give presentations. Also we travel to PDC or other events in the US from time to time. There’s a certain amount of neccesary travel within the UK to customers – some people travel a lot, some not so much. You can control it to some extent.

    Your description sounds like a good fit. Regarding the salary it depends on the outcome of the recruitment process – I’d urge you to apply and talk about it to the recruiters.

  3. Asam says:

    Thanks for that Steve, have applied now. Do you know how long it is until I find out? Thanks

  4. Steve White says:

    Allow up to 2 weeks for first contact.

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