Gundam Astray Red Frame

Here are some shots of my first Gundam model. Gundam Astray Red Frame gallery It’s a Gundam Astray Red Frame in 1/100 scale. The color scheme calls for a bright red for the frame but I wanted to experiment with something darker so I went for Hull Red which I then went over in Clear…


Airfix 1:48 Hawker Hurricane Mk I

Kit I bought the kit for about $13 from the local HobbyTown USA store in Redmond Town Center early in 2007. Prior to that, it must have been nearly thirty years since I’d bought and built a plastic scale model kit and that would have almost certainly been an Airfix one too, probably from a…


Kerning and animating text glyphs

This sample shows how to transform glyphs in a TextBlock. The kinds of things you can do here are letter-pair kerning and animating the translation or rotation of individual glyphs.


Expression Interactive Designer preview available!

Today the Expression team is delighted to announce the availability of a preview version of Expression Interactive Designer. This preview version is the January 2006 Community Technology Preview [1] We have compiled a set of sample applications and tutorials specifically for this CTP and you can find them on the official Expression team blog [2].  …


Sparkle, development teams, and what ‘no code’ means

Microsoft Expression “Sparkle Interactive Designer” (Sparkle for short) was announced and demonstrated at the Professional Developers’ Conference in Los Angeles last month. To find out what this powerful tool is all about, see the Expression Home Page, the Sparkle Team on Channel9, and Eric Rudder’s PDC keynote.   So, what is the Sparkle tool good…


Sparkle Hayter and the Sparkle Fan

I’ve been a member of the Microsoft UK PSfD team for three and a half years now but, beginning on Monday, I’m moving to a new role in Redmond. Being an ADC has definitely been the best job experience I’ve had to date: the application development consultancy work with customers is challenging and rewarding in equal measure…


My two SxS articles are now published in MSDN

I’ve removed the SxS articles from the blog now because they’ve recently been published on MSDN. Please see my MSDNography links section.

Avalon 3D File System Visualizer (FolderTreemap3D)

Download the FolderTreemap3D sample (Requires Windows Server 2003 or Windows XP, .NET Framework 2.0 SDK Beta 2 (or Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2), and WinFX Beta 1 RC Runtimes and SDK)   Ben Shneiderman developed the treemap style of visualization in the early 1990s in response to the common problem of a filled hard disk….


Building Avalon Apps: Basics and Behind-the-scenes. Part 2

Command-line build 2: XAML-only NavigationApplication In the previous post I showed how to build a very basic C#-only Avalon application. At the end I mentioned that declaring and initializing UI is probably not best done with imperative code. This time I’ll go to the other extreme and declare a very simple application entirely in markup….


Building Avalon Apps: Basics and Behind-the-scenes. Part 1

I thought it would be interesting to walk through building some very basic Avalon applications. Some topics I want to introduce include Avalon’s application model; the interplay between declarative XAML markup and imperative CLR code-behind; what happens at build time; and some behind-the-scenes details at runtime.   The WinFX Beta 1 RC bits To follow…