How do I reset the disk based BLOB cache in SharePoint 2010?

In SharePoint 2010 we have completely removed the UI for resetting the disk based BLOB cache. This means that you can only reset it through the SharePoint Object Model . Fortunately, since we invested in the SharePoint 2010 Management Shell, it’s not that difficult to do. Here is some sample code to help you do this:…


What to do when your 32-bit .Net Framework 2.0 app won’t run on x64

I just ran into this problem trying to run Log Parser Lizard (FX 2.0 app using 32bit dlls) on my x64 machine. It kept throwing BadImageFormatExceptions and crashing. A little research identified the problem, the app is marked to run on any CPU but it uses 32bit dlls. Simple enough to fix if I can…


When you know the solution the problem is a lot easier to find…

Yeah, that title sounds a little crazy but let me explain. The phenomena I am referring to is that once you have identified the solution to a seemingly complex problem the problem is revealed to be simple. In my case the problem was really poor performance on the console of a very powerful box. I…


RECAP: Thou shalt not touch my databases!

Apparently some people, who shall remain nameless, still haven’t gotten the memo that clearly states that if you modify the WSS/MOSS databases in almost any way your farm will be rendered unsupported. What memo am I referring to you ask? I am referring to KB841057. This KB article represents our best efforts to spell out…


The Challenges of Script Debugging Using VS2008

I recently worked on a problem that required me to debug the script for the HTML Editor control ion WSS. In the past I have always used the Microsoft Script Debugger and just selected “Break on next statement”. In this case that was not really getting me where I needed to be so I decided…


How do I tune the MOSS Object Cache for performance and economy?

Tuning the size of the MOSS Object Cache is done via the Max Cache Size settings on the Site Settings > Object Cache Settings page. It is important to recognize that this maximum cache size setting is a limit and not a static value. For example; Just because the maximum cache size setting for the Object…


New Database Maintenance whitepaper released

We have just realeased a whitepaper that describes the recommended maintenance strategies for the databases that host content and configuration settings for SharePoint Products and Technologies. You can get it here. It covers: ·         Checking database integrity. ·         Defragmenting indexes by either reorganizing them or rebuilding them. ·         Setting the fill factor for a server….


Welcome Roger Lamb to the blog space

For his first post he has provided a bunch of examples of dispose patterns for SharePoint that will be really helpful for anyone trying to write custom web parts for SharePoint and wanting to avoid all the myriad ways you can leak objects: SharePoint 2007 and WSS 3.0 Dispose Patterns by Example


Overlapped Recycling And SharePoint: What Are The 64-bit Settings?

We strongly recommend that our customers move to 64-bit servers for MOSS and WSSv3 unless there is some significant reason that prevents it. It is also worth noting that according to our recent documentation this will definitely be the last version of SharePoint to run on 32-bit hardware. This brings up the question of whether…


Overlapped Recycling And SharePoint: Tracking Recycle Events

As part of your efforts to properly configure your server for overlapped recycling  you will obviously need to know when a recycle takes place. It also makes sense that you would want to know about ALL recycle events, not just overlapped ones. To this end you will need to configure your IIS Application Pool to…