Behind the Scenes of Windows 8

Larry Osterman returns with another installment of his Behind the Scenes… series.  This time with Windows 8.  Larry is a developer for the team I work on.  If you haven’t caught it yet, take the time to read how the team developing Windows Runtime experienced this release.

Follow my adventures at //build/

This week I’m attending the //build/ conference where Microsoft is revealing many of the details about Windows 8.  If you want to see what is going on, follow my Twitter feed at,  I’m posting some pictures, linking to summaries, etc.

The Sidebar is Back!

I’m apparently in the minority, but I really liked the sidebar in Windows Vista.  On a widescreen monitor, there is horizontal space to waste and it was really convenient to have all of my gadgets showing over on the right-hand side.  In Windows 7, the sidebar was removed.  Gadgets are still there, but to me…


More Win7 Previews

Previews of some specific parts of Windows 7 which are of interest to me: Audio Media Center


Win7 Previews Starting To Appear

Windows 7 is being unveiled for the first time at PDC and the initial previews are starting to hit the net.  Here is a sampling: Gizmodo (covers Device Stage with lots of pictures) WinSuperSite (lots of pictures of the shell) Ars Technica (mostly new UI) NeoWin (UI plus Device Stage)


Windows 7 Will Be Officially Called… "Windows 7"

After Millenium, XP, and Vista comes… Windows 7.  Yep.  Not a lot of imagination in this one.  As unexciting as the name is, I’m excited that we’re finally starting to talk about it.  It’s shaping up to be a really nice OS.  I can’t wait until you all get to experience it.  


Cause of "Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet Site" found

Perhaps you, like me saw a rash of sites giving the error “Internet explorer cannot open the Internet Site” yesterday.  At first I thought one of my machines was messed up.  Then I saw it on another machine.  This one running XP.  A virus perhaps?  I can’t recall doing the same thing on both machines. …


Windows Home Server Power Pack 1 Beta Is Available

At long last, there is a preliminary fix for the corruption issue that has dogged WHS since its release.  The WHS team released the fix with its Power Pack 1 beta.  See their blog post for details and a link to download it.  In addition to the corruption fix, many other bugs are fixed and…


Update on Windows Home Server Corruption Issue

The WHS team has an update on their blog regarding the corruption issue.  In short, they fully understand the issue and are working on a fix.  The issue is at a low level of the operating system and so requires a lot of testing to be sure that the fix works and that it doesn’t…


Drobo + Windows Home Server = Goodness

I’ve been using Windows Home Server (WHS) for a little over a month now.  While there is still an issue with data corruption if you work on files directly on the server, as a backup tool, it is great.  The system is practically foolproof.  Install the server, install the connector software on each machine in…