Audio Not Keeping Up With HD Video?

Here is an interesting read about how the audio in HD TV is not keeping up with the video.  People are buying 1080p TV sets.  The networks are paying more attention to the quality of their video, but they are not yet doing much with the audio.  Many movies recording in 5.1 are broadcast in…


HD-DVD: 2006 – 2008, R.I.P.

According to reports, Toshiba will soon stop manufacturing HD-DVD equipment.  The writing has been on the wall since Time-Warner’s January announcement that it would go exclusively to the BluRay format.  More recently Netflix and WalMart have announced that they will go exclusively to the BluRay format.  It’s unfortunate because, in my mind, HD-DVD was the…


Dynamic Range and Color Spaces

Bill Crow, best known for his work on HDPhoto/JPEG-XR, has a great post about dynamic range and color spaces.  If you are into photography or video, understanding this is important.  As we try to aggregate video from more and more sources onto varying display mediums, color science is becoming every more important.  Bill gives a…


HD-DVD Wins Over Dreamworks and Paramount

Recently people have begun to declare a victor in the next-gen DVD wars.  Because of the PS3, the number of BluRay players on the market are higher than the number of HD-DVD players and thus sales of BluRay discs are higher than HD-DVD players.  From what I understand, the number of HD-DVD standalone players is…


What’s Wrong With HDMI

Interesting article over at Audioholics covering the subject of HDMI and what’s wrong with it.  They bring up the legacy of DVI which has a confusing number of options and doesn’t handle distance runs well. “Most computer displays are mounted at most a few feet away from the CPU, so it didn’t seem imperative that DVI work well…


Video Acceleration By The Numbers

Here’s an interesting article from AnandTech talking about the new GeForce 8600’s video acceleration features.  It features H.264 acceleration.  The article analyzes the performance win from doing acceleration in hardware.  It also gives some statistics on VC-1 (standardized WMV) acceleration.  It compares the CPU usage with NVidia, ATI, and no acceleration.  The results are, shall…


Real Numbers In the Next-Gen DVD Battle

Finally some real numbers showing how the two sides compare.  In the first quarter, BluRay sold 830,000 titles and HD-DVD sold 335,000 according to Home Media Magazine.  Those numbers look pretty bleak for HD-DVD but they are both so small in the overall shiny video disc market as to be insignificant.  For some perspective, these…


How Much Better Is High Definition Video?

Moving to HD is expensive.  You have to buy a new TV, new DVD player, and possibly a new receiver.  If you’ve ever wondered if HD-DVD (or BluRay) is worth it, this demo I found may be interesting.  These are a series of pictures taken from the DVD and the HD-DVD or BluRay of the…


Windows Media for Firefox Users

Microsoft just released a Windows Media Player plugin for Firefox.  This will allow people who use firefox to view web videos being broadcast in WMV format.  I’m not actually a firefox guy but I know many that are.  This is a cool development.


Yet Another Way To Connect Your PC and Your Screen

First it was VGA, then DVI, then HDMI, now we add DisplayPort.  Engadget is reporting that DisplayPort was just ratified by VESA.  DisplayPort is apparently compatible with DVI which is also compatible with HDMI.  Why do we need yet another connector?  I’m not really clear on that.  It is apparently not encumbered by IP like…