How to answer a programming interview question

I spent a few hours on Friday doing mock interviews for CS undergrads.  The idea was to help them experience the interview process without the pressure of having a job on the line.  The session was interactive with lots of stopping for advice.  I found myself explaining the following to most of the candidates.  I…


Successfully Interviewing for a Developer Job

Having recently completed another round of campus campus interviews, several things stand out as advice that could be useful to those of you aspiring to get jobs in the software industry as a Developer or Test Developer. Always describe what you are doing and thinking – If you are given a programming question and you…


How to Write Your First Developer Resume

I am returning from a recruiting trip to interview students on campus.  Because of this trip, I had a chance to read a good number of resumes.  Some were well done, many, however, were not.  They contained irrelevant information or were missing important items.  It’s very hard writing your resume for your first job.  You…


Resume Advice: List Your Classes and Projects

It is campus hiring season and I have been reading a lot of college resumes lately.  One thing I have noticed on many resumes is that they do not list what I consider to be some of the most relevant information.  As important as it is that someone made the Dean’s list or worked at…


Resume Advice

Some resume advice from Steve Yegge.  I don’t agree with all of it but it’s good stuff to consider when writing your technical resume.


Objective Statements – Do You Need One?

   I’ve been doing a lot of resume screening lately so I thought I’d write up a few of my thoughts.  Ever since my early days as a hiring manager I’ve told people not to include an objective statement on their resumes.  More often than not, it is worthless.  Usually it equates to “I want…