Is there really a benefit in lossless audio formats?

Lossless codecs are all the rage amongst those who aspire to be audiophiles.  Whether it is ripping CDs in a format like FLAC or WMA Lossless or listening the TrueHD track on Bluray movies, there are those who swear by it.   Most audio formats like MP3, AAC, and WMA are lossy formats.  They compress the…


Metallica’s Death Magnetic Poorly Mastered

Metallica’s new CD, Death Magnetic, is pretty good.  Certainly it is better than St. Anger although I suppose that’s not setting the bar very high.  This CD is closer to And Justice For All than anything Metallica has done in the last decade.  Unfortunately, the CD is mastered very hot. Basically, the CD is authored…


Are Audiophiles Going Extinct?

This article says that they are.  More importantly, it says that people do not care as much about their music or the quality of their music-listening experience as much as they once did.  That’s very interesting if true.  I wonder if this is a permanent trend or if it is temporary.  Beyond a certain point,…


Audio Not Keeping Up With HD Video?

Here is an interesting read about how the audio in HD TV is not keeping up with the video.  People are buying 1080p TV sets.  The networks are paying more attention to the quality of their video, but they are not yet doing much with the audio.  Many movies recording in 5.1 are broadcast in…


Vista Audio 1 Year Later – Interview with Cakewalk

One of my readers tipped me off to an interesting interview with Noel Borthwick, CTO of Cakewalk.  He talks about the improvements made in Vista for lower-latency audio via the WaveRT driver model it introduced.  To date, support for this mode among non-motherboard-audio has been slow to develop.  Most motherboard audio parts support it.  Those…


Project BBQ Reports Are Released

Project BBQ is the premier interactive music industry think tank.  Everything from PC-audio to game audio to audio creation is covered.  I attended this past October and the final reports are finally released.  This year’s subjects included suggestions for improving the base level of PC audio, audio metadata, a game producer’s guide for audio, new composition…


Analog to Digital Conversion

If you want digital audio in a computer, you have to get it from somewhere.  Usually that means taking analog sound out of the air and turning it into the bits that a computer can understand.  Ars Technica gives us another installment of the AudioFile. This one covers the subject of Analog to Digital Conversion.


Vinyl Better Than CD?

An amazingly lucid discussion of the benefits of Vinyl over CD (or lack thereof) is going on over at Slashdot right now.  So far the trolls are straying away.  If you want some understanding of dynamic range compression, sampling, etc.  Check it out. For the record, I’m in the CD is better camp.  It handles…


Another Project BBQ is in the can

It’s October and that means it is once again time for Project Bar-B-Q.  This is the premiere computer music/audio think tank event.  It’s a gathering of 50 people from all across the spectrum.  There are those who make audio hardware, operating systems, audio for games, midi controllers, etc.  Again this year I had the opportunity…


Understanding MP3 Compression

Another great article from Ars Technica.  This time about MP3 compression.  If you’e ever wondered how MP3 works, this is a great article to start with.  No math is necessary.