Pruning the Decision Tree in Test

Yesterday I wrote about the need to reduce the number of things a project attempted to do in order to deliver a great product.  Too many seemingly good ideas can make a product late or fragmented or both.  The same is true of testing a product.  Great testing is more about deciding what not to…


Pruning the Decision Tree

A great post by Marc Randolph got me thinking.  He tackles the question of why Netflix made the moves they made recently.  Specifically, why did they spin off their DVD option as a company called Qwixter?  The answer: focus. What separates successful ventures from failures is choosing to do the right things.  What separates great…


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This week I’m attending the //build/ conference where Microsoft is revealing many of the details about Windows 8.  If you want to see what is going on, follow my Twitter feed at,  I’m posting some pictures, linking to summaries, etc.

Listening to the team

There is an old saying in software that goes something like this, “Scope, Timeframe, and Budget: Pick two.”  Being a tester, I would rephrase this a little as, “Features, Timeframe, Budget, and Quality; Pick three”.  It’s usually possible to hit all three of the first choice as long as you are willing to sacrifice quality. …