More Win7 Previews

Previews of some specific parts of Windows 7 which are of interest to me: Audio Media Center


Win7 Previews Starting To Appear

Windows 7 is being unveiled for the first time at PDC and the initial previews are starting to hit the net.  Here is a sampling: Gizmodo (covers Device Stage with lots of pictures) WinSuperSite (lots of pictures of the shell) Ars Technica (mostly new UI) NeoWin (UI plus Device Stage)


The MUD is 30 Years Old

Back before World of Warcraft or even Everquest there existed an entity called a MUD or Multi-User Dungeon.  These were a lot like today’s MMOs except that they were text-only interfaces.  Most of the concepts were the same.  Build a character, kill lots of bunnies/elves/etc. to grind out levels, get cool gear, group with your…


Some useful traveling gear

I just returned from a trip to the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.  I brought some items with me that turned out to be very useful so I thought I’d pass along the tips in case you are in the market for such items. Headphones – I brought several pairs along, but I really enjoyed my…


The Five Why’s and Testing Software

Toyota was able to eclipse the makers of American cars in part due to its production and development systems.  The system has been popularized under the rubric of "Lean" techniques.  Among the tenets of the Lean advocates is asking the "Five Why’s."  These are not the W’s of journalism:  Who, What, Why, Where, and When? …


Change Your Environment

As people grow in maturity in their jobs, the way they interact with their environment changes.  I have had this discussion a few times during the recent review cycle so it’s probably time to pass it along to a wider audience.  As I see it, there are three stages most people go through during their…


Windows 7 Will Be Officially Called… "Windows 7"

After Millenium, XP, and Vista comes… Windows 7.  Yep.  Not a lot of imagination in this one.  As unexciting as the name is, I’m excited that we’re finally starting to talk about it.  It’s shaping up to be a really nice OS.  I can’t wait until you all get to experience it.  


Review: Tribal Leadership

I just finished the book Tribal Leadership by Dave Logan et al.  It’s one of the better leadership books I’ve run across.  The authors stress the need for leadership to develop a "we" culture instead of an "I" culture.  The authors call this a stage 4 culture and the leadership style Tribal Leadership.  The advantage…


James Whittaker on Why MS Software "Sucks" Despite Our Testing

A friend turned me on to this post by James Whittaker.  I didn’t know he had a blog so now I’m excited to read it.  He has a lot of really interesting things to say on testing so I encourage you to read his blog (now linked on the left) if you are intrigued by…