Hope You Had a Merry Christmas

The day’s almost over.  Snow is still on the ground here although the temperature is going up and its days are numbered.  I spent most of today with family just hanging out.  I found it to be enjoyable and relaxing.  Didn’t get much accomplished, but that’s as it should be on a day like this. …


10 Programming Languages Worth Exploring

Now that I’ve completed the final class toward my Masters Degree I have the time to explore some things of my own choosing.  One thing I intend to do is to learn a new programming language.  This article I discovered via Reddit is a good place to start.  It lists 10 languages worth learning.  These…


Stroustrup on What’s Wrong With CS Programs

Similar to thinking of Joel Spolsky (and me), Bjarne Stroustrup (the inventor of C++) says the way we teach CS today is broken.  That is, it is at odds with the needs of the industry.  Having just completed a Masters in CS I can say first hand that this is true.  Some of what I…


Why You Get Nothing Done When You Have So Much Free Time

Interesting musings on a subject I can attest to be true.  Why is it we get so much done when we’re on a tight schedule but then fail to get anything done when we have a long vacation?  The same applies to work too.  Give someone a long time to get a project done and…


Modern Computing Began 40 Years Ago Today

Modern computers all utilize the same user paradigms:  interactive computing, mouse, windows, hyperlinks, teleconferencing, etc.  Many people consider Xerox Parc to be the nest in which most of these concepts were born.  That is, afterall, where Steve Jobs got his inspiration for the Macintosh.  It is not where they were first conceived or even accomplished. …


Improving Task Estimation Accuracy

In my opinion estimating how long it will take to write a piece of software is difficult if you haven’t done it before and with software we never have.  The more experience you have, the more you’ll have done similar things and thus the more accurate your estimates will be.  To help build this experience…


Happy Thanksgiving 2008!

Here’s wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving day.  It’s a great time to reflect on the past year and all that has transpired. 


Using Perl for Mass In Place Editing

Have you ever wanted to update some text in a bunch of files all at once without a hassle?  I had reason to do this recently and turned to Perl for my solution.  Once I found the implementation quirks, it turned out to be quite easy.  This functionality is pretty well documented, but not for…


More Win7 Previews

Previews of some specific parts of Windows 7 which are of interest to me: Audio Media Center


Win7 Previews Starting To Appear

Windows 7 is being unveiled for the first time at PDC and the initial previews are starting to hit the net.  Here is a sampling: Gizmodo (covers Device Stage with lots of pictures) WinSuperSite (lots of pictures of the shell) Ars Technica (mostly new UI) NeoWin (UI plus Device Stage)