Design Principles To Live By

Object-oriented design and design patterns can seem complex.  There are a lot of ideas and cases to consider.  However, there are a handful of principles that, if followed, will result in code that complies with most if not all of the patterns.  These are the patterns behind the patterns.  In my mind, there are 5. …


Inbox Zero

If you’re anything like me, you have way too much e-mail to read it all.  To try to cope with this, I’ve resorted to a collection of rules that sorts my mail into a Byzantine structure of folders.  This helps a little, but has the problem of helping me miss a lot of mail as…


Video Podcasts

With my new Zune, I’ve started watching some video netcasts.  Here are the ones I’ve found the most interesting so far: Tekzilla – Feels a lot like old TechTV.  1/2 hour an episode talking about everything from routers to Black Friday sales. The GigaOm Show – Om Malik interviews headliners and comments on the Web…


The New Zune Revue

Over the past few years I have become an avid podcast listener.  I’ve been using Creative MP3 players until this point.  I have owned a Zen Nano, Zen Stone Plus, and a Zen Vision M.  The first was good its 1 GB size became restricting.  The second was a good size, but the battery life…


Happy Thanksgiving!

It is Thanksgiving today.  My wife and I will be having a small gathering of about nine family members.  I always enjoy getting some time to put work aside for a few days just hang out with family.  I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving today and that many of you get to spend time with…


Resume Advice

Some resume advice from Steve Yegge.  I don’t agree with all of it but it’s good stuff to consider when writing your technical resume.


Phone Screen Questions

Steve Yegge from Amazon offers his Five Essential Phone Screen Questions.  It’s an old post, but a good one.  His advice is solid.  It’s always disappointing to bring in a promising candidate for an interview only to have them bomb.  It would be much better to screen them out early.  Steve give suggestions for what…


"Everyone" Is Not A Valid Owner

Saw this over on {Codesqueeze}.  He talks about the danger of self-organizing teams.  When people aren’t given clear responsibilities, things get dropped.  If there is a task which belongs to everyone it will in the end be accomplished by no one.  Everyone who sends e-mail knows this.  If you want an answer to your mail,…


Analog to Digital Conversion

If you want digital audio in a computer, you have to get it from somewhere.  Usually that means taking analog sound out of the air and turning it into the bits that a computer can understand.  Ars Technica gives us another installment of the AudioFile. This one covers the subject of Analog to Digital Conversion.


Always Question the Process

Let me recount a story from the television show Babylon 5.  In one episode there is the description of guard posted in the middle of an empty courtyard.  There is nothing there to protect.  When one of the characters, Londo, questions why, he finds that no one, not even the emperor, knows why.  After doing some research,…