Happy Halloween!

It is once again Halloween which, here in the U.S. means a time when all the kids dress up in costumes and go door-to-door “trick or treating” (which means begging for Candy).  I like this holiday.  It’s fun to see everyone dressed up at the door.  Unfortunately around here at least, the tradition seems to…


Vinyl Better Than CD?

An amazingly lucid discussion of the benefits of Vinyl over CD (or lack thereof) is going on over at Slashdot right now.  So far the trolls are straying away.  If you want some understanding of dynamic range compression, sampling, etc.  Check it out. For the record, I’m in the CD is better camp.  It handles…


A Little C= 64 Love

Here’s a fun one for the weekend.  A retrospective of the Commodore 64 and it’s place as a great game machine.  The C= 64 sold something like 17 million units and is, to this day, the single greatest selling computer model of all time.  My first computer was a Commodore 128 which was basically an…


Testing A Daily Build

It is becoming accepted in the industry that teams should produce a build on a daily basis.  Every project at Microsoft does this as do most projects elsewhere.  If you happen to be on a project that does not, I suggest you work to get one implemented soon.  The benefits are great.  After a daily…


New MSDN Tester Center

MSDN now has a home for test information.  Check out the new MSDN Tester Center.  It has articles, videos, and a collection of blog posts all revolving around the idea of testing.  If you are a tester or test developer, bookmark this site.  It looks like it will be useful.


What Self-Taught Programmers Are (Often) Missing

Some self-taught programmers can hold their own with the best coders out there.  Others, although smart people, are fundamentally less good at programming.  While there is variation among classically trained coders too, they are on average better than their self-taught peers.   Why is that?  Why can’t self-taught programmers become as good in similar numbers?  There…


More Amiga History From Ars Technica

Ars just released another edition of its history of the Amiga series.  The first deals with the purchase of the Amiga by Commodore.  I’ll be updating this post as new articles in this edition are posted. Part 4 – Enter Commodore Part 5 – Postlaunch Blues


Helping Groups Succeed

or What to do when you aren’t in control but neither is the leader. A while back I wrote about providing clarity as a leader.  As part of that essay I mentioned some techniques for keeping groups on track.  Those are well and good if you are the leader, but what if you aren’t?  What if the leader…


Another Project BBQ is in the can

It’s October and that means it is once again time for Project Bar-B-Q.  This is the premiere computer music/audio think tank event.  It’s a gathering of 50 people from all across the spectrum.  There are those who make audio hardware, operating systems, audio for games, midi controllers, etc.  Again this year I had the opportunity…


Interviewing the Experienced

This week there was an interesting conversation over on Slashdot.  The subject of the post is an age discrimination suit against Google.  However, the discussion has gone to other interesting places.  The question is being asked if there is a difference in the way you should interview experienced people vs. those just out of school.  It…