Best Software Essays of 2004

Joel On Software is compiling the top essays on the subject of software for the year 2004.  The nominations are up now at  Go give them a read.


Code Editor Learning Curves

A friend of mine put this together.  It’s a graphical representation of the learning curve for some common code editors.  It seems quite accurate.


Enjoy the Silence

I just recently got done with a round of upgrades to my computer.  I didn’t increase the amount of RAM or get a new processor.  No, I got new fans.  The difference is amazing.  When I built the computer I has gone with a high-quality motherboard, case, fast processor, good RAM, etc. but I’d skimped…


Approaches To Unit Testing

    I recently was involved in a discussion about unit testing.  I’ll simplify the issues.  There are many more aguments each way and the area is more complex than presented here.  I will lay out the supposed advantages and disadvantages of side of the issue.      Unit tesing has been made quite popular lately with the advent of…


MPEG-4 Is Dead

 Just a quick link for today.  An article on video formats I found interesting.  I’ll have something on XP and Test developers soon.  Watch this space.  MPEG-4 Is Dead.  Or so says Jan Ozer of Before MPEG-4 was introduced, three streaming technologies enjoyed widespread use: RealVideo, Microsoft’s Windows Media Video, and Sorenson Video….


Test Developers Are Real Developers

Through a few twists of fate, I ended up at Microsoft as a test developer (lead).  It’s not something I ever considered doing before landing here and I’m sure it is not something a lot of you have thought much about.  It is the goal of this post to introduce you to who test developers…


Hello World

   I guess everyone has to start off with a first post.  Here’s mine.  Let’s see how I do.  In the infamous words of Admiral James Stockdale, “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?”  My name is Steve Rowe and I’m a Development Lead in a test organization.  We work on some of the…