Source Code for Essential WCF

Many people have asked us for the source code used in Essential WCF.  We've cleansed it, re-tested (again!) and published it to our page on InformIT under the downloads tab. Feel free to use and experiment as you learn this way-cool technology.

Comments (3)

  1. OliverK says:


    I’m missing the errata – at least on and in the book I didn’t found any reference.

    Some typos I’ve already found – WDSL for instance 😉



  2. Petr says:

    Can  you provide explanation/errata of a following from Chapter 3: Channels ?

    — original text —


    Two classes refer to channel factories within WCF: ChannelFactory and

    ChannelFactory<>. They might seem similar, but they are actually separate

    classes that do different things. The ChannelFactory<> class is used in

    advanced situations where multiple clients need to be created. Essentially

    it works with a given ChannelFactory, but it does not have any responsibilities

    for creating a channel stack. The ChannelFactory<> class is used by

    defining the class with a specific ServiceContract type…

    — end of quote —

    My questions:

    i/ Regarding comparison "…ChannelFactory and ChannelFactory<>",

     there is no non-generic ChannelFactory class.

     Did you mean "…Binding and ChannelFactory<>" , or something else?

    ii/  Regarding "…Essentially it works with a given ChannelFactory…",

    this probably should say "…it works with a given Channel type…" ?

    Thank you for response


  3. Raj says:

    Could you publish the source code for Chapter 13, Programmable Web? Thanks

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