What’s in Essential WCF?

Now that Essential WCF is out, we're seeing interest from many places.  Rich, Chris and I were contacted by InformIT to do an interview and talk about the book.  Separately, I'm hearing from readers looking to do big and small things with the technology.  And here in Boston this week, we have a sold out Pluralsight course that covers WCF and WF.  Good fun!

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  1. sonicm says:


    I’ve been working though the book and have a question regarding Concurrency (Page 190), I notice you put the service behaviour above the constructor and below the class declaration. However, visual studio won’t let me do that. Is this a typo or is there something I’m doing wrong? As I want to produce an example exactly as you have described but seem to only get a maximum of 2 threads running at a time?


  2. steveres says:

    On page 190, the [ServiceBehavior] tag should be above the class definition, not the constructor as you point out, so yes, that’s a typo – sorry about that!

    When you say your’e only getting 2 threads, are you only seeing thread #1 and thread #2 in the client output? If so, what platform are you running on (XP, Vista, 2003, 2008)?

  3. Petr says:

    Can  you provide explanation/errata of a part Chapter 3: Channels

    — original text —


    Two classes refer to channel factories within WCF: ChannelFactory and

    ChannelFactory<>. They might seem similar, but they are actually separate

    classes that do different things. The ChannelFactory<> class is used in

    advanced situations where multiple clients need to be created. Essentially

    it works with a given ChannelFactory, but it does not have any responsibilities

    for creating a channel stack. The ChannelFactory<> class is used by

    defining the class with a specific ServiceContract type…

    — end of quote —

    My questions:

    i/ Regarding comparison "…ChannelFactory and ChannelFactory<>",

     there is no non-generic ChannelFactory class.

     Did you mean "…Binding and ChannelFactory<>" , or something else?

    ii/  Regarding "…Essentially it works with a given ChannelFactory…",

    this probably should say "…it works with a given Channel type…" ?

    Thank you for response


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