S+S: Check out Zune

Curious about Microsoft’s strategy of Software Plus Services (S+S)?  The S+S Strategy moniker actually refers to local + cloud-based software, but S+S sounds much better. 

For a simple example of S+S, look no further than the new Zune.  The devices are cool, both the stock models or your own Original, but the software makes it shine. It has a clean, simple, fast UI. It works great with local music and seamlessly connects to the cloud for browsing and purchasing music.  Subscription services are a snap, just making the experience better.

With consumer or business software, the UI makes a huge difference.  Reliance on web services makes this a world-class app. You don’t need Zune to use it, it's a free download. So that's it: Zune shows that local + clould-based softare is the way to go.



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