Welcome to my blog; glad you found it.


I work at the US Microsoft Technology Centers. Strictly speaking, I work at all 9 of them since I’m responsible for our overall technical direction. I spend lots of time with customers discussing Microsoft's strategy so they can make their best business and IT decisions.  I also spend time ensuring that we’re working with the right technologies and that we have the best people. Overall it's a great gig.


On the technology front, I'm a services geek. Web services that is. I began looking at Indigo a few years ago and became so enamored with its potential that I spent the next 2 years learning it, testing it and writing a book about it. There result is Essential WCF, which I'm co-authoring with Rich Crane and Chris Bowen.


Before WCF, I did all things BizTalk, which was the coolest way to unleash business apps from their IT shackles to combine them in new and profitable ways. I still do BizTalk since it's still fun and that led to other parts of IT, so I got deep into SQL, XML, portals, adapters and finally web services. Along the way, I designed and built the BizTalk Adapter for Sharepoint, which eventually found its way into the product. Before that was the dot-com bubble, which is another story altogether.


In this blog, I hope to write about challenges and opportunities in the world of services. Given my background that will center mostly around WCF, BizTalk and the way those will change the world. It's a great time to be in this space!

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