Nice sample of WCF client using RESTful Twitter API

Check out Kirk Allen Evans posting about how to create a Twitter client using its RESTful API and WCF.  I’m a sucker for simplicity and this hits the spot.

Windows Live Messenger Facebook Application

Here’s a very cool app on Facebook that leverages the Windows Live APIs to tie the two populations together.  You probably already have an ID in both, so this links the two. Wonder when someone will do the same for Linked In?


Silverlight 2.0 and WCF sample

Want to create a nice Silverlight 2.0 app using WCF services for data?  Check out Bob Familiar’s post for code and links to great resources.

Source Code for Essential WCF

Many people have asked us for the source code used in Essential WCF.  We’ve cleansed it, re-tested (again!) and published it to our page on InformIT under the downloads tab. Feel free to use and experiment as you learn this way-cool technology.


Job Posting: Web Engineer for Emergent Music

A good friend a mine, Barry Kurland, just joined Goombah, a company that connects people to their music and like-minded people.  They have big plans and are looking to hire a top-notch web engineer. Job description attached; let me know if you’re interested. Goombah.htm


What’s in Essential WCF?

Now that Essential WCF is out, we’re seeing interest from many places.  Rich, Chris and I were contacted by InformIT to do an interview and talk about the book.  Separately, I’m hearing from readers looking to do big and small things with the technology.  And here in Boston this week, we have a sold out…


Web Service Registry codebase

Deploying a SOA requires a good registry for services, if not supporting repository.  Microsoft has big plans for both and other vendors, like SOA Software and AmberPoint, have products in the market today. If you’re game for building your own, there are two interesting approaches.  First is a kit built by some Microsoft consultants, called Managed…


Using SyndicationFeed to display photos from

The SyndicationFeed class from System.ServiceModel.Syndicatation makes it easy to work with feeds and extensions. The code below uses an RSS feed from to show photo albums on a page.  Of course there are many ways to consume RSS with and w/o code, but the WCF enhancements with .NET 3.5 are a nice new trick….


Consumer Web API is easy!

I’ve been experimenting with the consumer Web API (Amazon, flickr, Google, facebook, Virtual Earth) and WOW is it easy!  Takes just a few hours to learn an API, register for dev keys and start building apps.  Samples at  Funny how easy things can be when you remove enterprise class requirements like SSO, secure messaging…


Looking for an amazing job at Microsoft?

The Microsoft Technology Centers are hiring in the US! We have immediate openings for talented .NET Architects in NYC and Irvine, CA. We also have an opening for a SQL/BI expert in Atlanta GA. The pace is fast and the work is demanding, but we get to design and prove the biggest, baddest apps around….