SMS 2003 – Heartbeat Discovery

There are several discovery methods in SMS 2003 but there is only one discovery method that MUST be enabled at every site in the heirarchy that will host clients – heartbeat discovery.  Heartbeat discovery is unique in that it is the ONLY discovery method that returns a client GUID as part of the discovery record…


Presenting at MMS 2007

For those interested in understanding the internals of server side software distribution in SMS or the internals of state based alerting in MOM 2005, come to my presentations at MMS 2007  The session info is below… SO20 State based alerts in MOM 2005 – deep dive and troubleshooting Tuesday, March 27 10:15 AM – 11:30…


SMS 2003 OSD feature pack and Windows Deployment Services (WDS)

There has been some confusion of late regarding the use of OSD feature pack to deploy Windows Vista through WDS.  Let me take a break in discussing OSD in SCCM 2007 to discuss this topic. There are a few requirements of OSD, WDS and RIS that don’t seem to add up.-Vista deployments require WDS-The OSD feature pack (which fully…


SMS heartbeat discovery and delete aged discovery task

From time to time we get calls from admins who have updated the frequency at which the ‘delete aged discovery’ task runs and then find valid computers start to disappear from collections.  I thought I’d spend a few minutes discussing how adjusting the ‘delete aged discovery’ settings can impact what information is retained in the database. Consider an…


Understanding SMS client Side Software Installation Security

I published a brief article in Technet magazine to try and explain the often misunderstood concepts of client side software installation security.  Attached is a draft copy of what was published in technet magazine. The Technet article can be viewed at -Steve Understanding SMS Client Side Software Installation Security.doc


ITMU and patchinstall

The question has come up several times about whether it is possible to run the ITMU version of patchinstall from a command line.   In short, the answer is no. When you execute the ITMU version of patchinstall from command line, using the same parameters as you use to successfully execute the package from within SMS,…


Desired Configuration Manager for SMS 2003

I’ve been working a great deal of late with the Desired Configuration Manager manaement pack for SMS 2003 – very useful tool for ensuring systems in the enterprise adhere to key configuration requirements – very flexible and configurable.  Current release allows full access to check settings in WMI, the file system, the regustry, the IIS…


SMS and package hashing

One of the top features of SMS 2003 is the ability to distribute software throughout the enterprise.  In many cases this process involves multiple SMS site servers and distribution points, each with a copy of the software being distributed.  This process of moving software through the environment opens the possibility that the software could be…


SQL 2005 and SMS/MOM

A lot of folks are asking about support for SQL 2005 with SMS 2003 and MOM 2005.  Neither of the current releases support SQL 2005.  This is planned for SP2 for SMS 2003 and discussions are continuing for MOM 2005.  I’m running the database for the current releases of both products on SQL 2005 and…