Presenting at MMS 2007

For those interested in understanding the internals of server side software distribution in SMS or the internals of state based alerting in MOM 2005, come to my presentations at MMS 2007  The session info is below… SO20 State based alerts in MOM 2005 – deep dive and troubleshooting Tuesday, March 27 10:15 AM – 11:30…


Grooming in MOM 2005

The ‘under the covers’ mechanics of grooming has changed substantially in MOM 2005 compared to previous releases.  I thought we could spend a few lines in this entry discussing those differences. The grooming options in MOM 2005 GUI look very similar to those presented in MOM 2000 – but thats where the similarities stop.  In…


State based alerts in MOM 2005

Alerts in MOM are generally used to inform administrators of a potential problem condition.  By the time the administrator reviews the alert, the problem condition that caused the alert may already be resolved.  State based alerts are special types of alerts that were introduced, in part, to allow an administrator to tell at a glance…


Understanding and troubleshooting the MOM DTS package

We see a fair number of issues relating to failure of the MOM DTS package to execute.  There can be many reasons for this but when the DTS package fails the whole MOM system may have problems as a result.    If the MOM DTS package is not running correctly the MOM grooming jobs will…


MOM 2005 SP1 now officially supports SQL 2005

Many have been asking and it is now official – we support MOM 2005 SP1 running on SQL 2005.  For details take a look at knowledge base article 917615   -Steve


Working with SNMP and MOM

Questions seem to be coming up more and more about using SNMP with MOM 2005.  I thought I’d take a few minutes here to go over how MOM and SNMP interact. Sending SNMP Traps———————– SNMP traps are generated in MOM 2005 as a response action on various rules.  When the rule fires, MOM 2005 will write the trap information…


Link to document

Entry to provide a link to my MOM 2005 solution accerators document that was published recently in technet magazine. This is the draft version of that article. solutionacceleratorsarticle.doc


MOM Operator console sluggish

Have you ever had problems with the MOM Operator console running slowly?  This came up just recently so thought I would take some time to list out some common issues. –  For a single MOM management group the support limit for number of MOM operator consoles is 15. In some environments it may be common…


SQL 2005 and SMS/MOM

A lot of folks are asking about support for SQL 2005 with SMS 2003 and MOM 2005.  Neither of the current releases support SQL 2005.  This is planned for SP2 for SMS 2003 and discussions are continuing for MOM 2005.  I’m running the database for the current releases of both products on SQL 2005 and…


MOM 2005 providers

MOM 2005 providers are used to define where data being monitored by MOM is coming from/located.  Looking at the list of default providers you will notice two things – there are a number of them and each time a management pack is imported this list is subject to growth. There are a number of different…