The case of the MIF and WMI repository

If you have spent much time around SCCM engineers – at least those of us from Microsoft – you will have heard us decry customers deleting the WMI repository to fix issues with WMI.  True that often deleting the repository seems to fix an issue but can often cause others.  In the early days SMS…


Modifying SMS_DEF.MOF and Configuration.MOF to pull information from a 64-bit registry

Recently had the occasion to modify the SMS_DEF.MOF and Configuration.MOF files to pull information from a native 64-bit registry.  It’s a relatively simple process – there are even some classes, like addremove and virtual machines, that are default and give examples to do this.  Below are the relevant sections from each file for my project….


Custom MOF additions in SCCM – Simplified

I was working recently on extending the SMS_DEF.MOF and Configuration.MOF files in SCCM to pull information out of the registry.  This isn’t too difficult of a task to do manually but while looking around I came across a really sweet GUI tool that allows you to expand the registry keys of interest and pull out…