Intel vPro does Powershell

For those of you Powershellers out there – and I’m one too – this is good news from Intel.  This new module allows adminstrators to manage vPro clients programatically with ease!


SCCM AMT Provisioning Flowcharts

Support for AMT provisioning through SCCM was introduced in SCCM SP1.  Being able to manage systems through AMT is extremely useful and there is a good amount of documentation already about using SCCM and AMT.  Working through this technology I thought it would be helpful to have flowcharts that document how provisioning works both with…


What ports REALLY need to be open for AMT in SCCM?

The question came up recently about what ports are really needed for AMT in SCCM.  The documentation ( indicates a list of ports that are used by AMT for various communication that takes place between various AMT components during management.  The documentation is correct but is also potentially confusing.  One thing to understand is that…


Will you PROVISION already?!

Have you tried your hand at vPRO yet?  If so, you know how cool it is.  f not, you should….and, just wait for ConfigMgr SP2.  Things get easier and better!  Two of the notable improvements are the ability to manage wireless systems and the ability to have control over auto-provisioning.  The later is a huge…


Tool to verify AMT certificates

One of the challenges that some customers face when configuring AMT support in SCCM is certificates.  There are two types of certificates needed. Provisioning certificate – This certificate is used to connect with AMT capable systems in preparation for provisioning.  AMT systems with firmware 2.2.x, 2.6.x and 3.2.1 or higher all support the use of…