Using System Center Update Publisher 2007 with Verisign Certificates

Using System Center Update Publisher with Verisign Certificates The System Center Update Publisher (SCUP) allows for third party or custom updates to be published in the WSUS catalog for consumption by ConfigMgr or other systems that use WSUS as a back end. Configuring SCUP to work with WSUS requires the use of certificates to ‘sign’…


System Center Updates Publisher 2007 and WSUS Self-Signed Cert Option

What exactly do you need to do to get your environment ready to use the System Center Updates Publisher (SCUP) with the WSUS Self-Signed Cert (WSSC) option? There are a few key steps. First, you have to configure SCUP to sign patches with the WSSC. To do that, select the settings option from the console…


Extending a Class in the Authoring Console

Sometimes as an OpsMgr administrator you may need to extend a class to include an additional attribute or two.  This action is very easy in the Operations Console but results in management packs that are potentially confusing when opened in the authoring console or directly in an XML reader.  The confusion is due to the…


Integrating ConfigMgr 2007 and ForeFront Endpoint Protection 2010

The integration between ConfigMgr 2007 and ForeFront Endpoint Protection 2010 (FEP) has been a topic of interest lately in ConfigMgr circles so figured it would be worth spending a bit of time going through the installation and integration process.  In addition, we will also spend some time digging a bit deeper into some areas to…


Software Updates–INTERNALS! (MMS 2011 session)–part III

In this final installment of this software updates series we will review the software update synchronization process.  There are a couple of variations of the sync process but, as you might expect, all involve a WSUS server – known as a software update point in ConfigMgr– at each primary (and in some cases secondary) site…


Software Updates–INTERNALS! (MMS 2011 session)–part II

In part II of this discussion we will review CI’s and SDM packages.  Our discussion is focused on software updates but the concepts we will discuss also apply to DCM, NAP and OSD – all components that are built on the CI and SDM objects. First, some definitions. CI – A CI is short for…


Software Updates–INTERNALS! (MMS 2011 session)–part I

Several folks have asked that I transform my MMS 2011 presentation on the internals of software updates into a blog post.  Happy to oblige! The topic at hand is focused on software updating – in my MMS presentation I discussed the WSUS (SUP) sync process, SDM and CI’s, what they are and how they are…


So Long MMS 2011

MMS 2011 – GREAT to see everyone!  TONS of really exciting stuff announced – a lot more details about ConfigMgr 2012 – really cool changes – throttled DP’s, support for Linux/Unix devices and even for the iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 7, Symbian (HUGE effort product group – well done!), really cool stuff with security…


Microsoft PFE (Premier Field Engineering) is hiring

Are you ready to be a rockstar?  Do you have a passion for technology and customers?  Microsoft PFE is hiring.  Check out opportunities with PFE at the Microsoft careers site –  Simply enter PFE into the job search field.  Any questions, feel free to ping me.