Setting ‘available time’ on a deployment

I’ve had customers over the years use the setting ‘available time’ on deployments. This option is disabled by default.  It is a perfectly fine option to use as long as it is understood.  Often times it isn’t. The ‘available time’ defines the specific time at which a deployment set to systems becomes available.  I can…


Configuring Source Download During Client Install

A question came up recently about why download errors were being seen during client install. I’ve seen a few questions around this so thought I would provide a bit of detail on how this works and options that will allow the administrator to choose how source download works during client installation. As a part of…


Policy Flow – The Details

The term ‘policy’ applies to many technical and non-technical discussions. Policy can have several meanings but for the ConfigMgr administrator the meaning is specific. Simply put, policy is that detail used to communicate work and configurations specific to each ConfigMgr client. Policy, for example, may instruct the client to enable or disable certain features, detail…


Automating Software Updates

The monthly process of preparing and deploying software updates is familiar territory for every ConfigMgr administrator. But, monthly software update management is not only about deployment. Maintenance of the software update environment is a critical activity needed to foster ongoing predictable and healthy operation. The amount of monthly time invested in deployment and maintenance will…


The SUITE spot of imaging

There are many ways to deliver images to systems. Some groups still choose to allow technicians to manually build each machine. Most leverage some type of automation such as using the ADK tools directly or leveraging something like Ghost or MDT. If the imaging target is a virtual machine then VM templates are often used….


OSD for Linux Imaging? Yes, really.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! DISCLAIMER ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So first things first. ConfigMgr task sequencing in no way, shape or form has been tested for imaging Linux. There is no in built support for Linux and if you choose to leverage task sequencing for Linux then you are treading in unsupported territory. There definitely are some nuances about…