“Ccmsetup is being restarted due to an administrative action. Installation files will be reset and downloaded again”

Ever see this statement in the ccmsetup log?  Ever wonder what it means?  When you run CCMSetup again after a failed install there will be a registry entry in place to flag that the previous install was a failure.  It is located at HKLM/Software/Microsoft/ccmsetup.repair.  When this key is present we know the previous install was a failure and restart setup from the beginning, including redownloading all files.  Didn’t see much documentation on this and I found it interesting so thought I’d post it out.

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  1. Scotty E says:

    Thanks Steve – This solved a mystery that I had been researching for the best part of a day. FYI I have also seen the regkey HKLM/Software/Microsoft/ccmsetup.reset cause the same issues.


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