Custom MOF additions in SCCM – Simplified

I was working recently on extending the SMS_DEF.MOF and Configuration.MOF files in SCCM to pull information out of the registry.  This isn’t too difficult of a task to do manually but while looking around I came across a really sweet GUI tool that allows you to expand the registry keys of interest and pull out the values you want with just a couple of points and click.  The relevant portions of the SMS_DEF.MOF and Configuration.MOF are created for you so it’s a simple copy and paste operation to include them. 

It doesn’t seem this tool works yet with 64-bit native registries but for 32-bit, it’s very cool. Take a look at

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  1. Vamsi says:

    Looks like the version 2 of this tool has been released and it now supports 64 bit native.

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