Checking Management Packs for Best Practice Adherence

If you work with OpsMgr you work with management packs in some form - either using ones available from the Microsoft download library, ones available from 3rd parties or ones that you author yourself.  Either way, wouldn't it be cool if we had a tool to run against these management packs to determine how they stack up in terms of adherence to best practices?  Well, there is one - and it's right there in our favorite tool called the authoring console!  :)  I used the authoring console for quite a while and somehow never noticed it. 

If you import a management pack - sealed or unsealed - into the authoring console and then select Tools > Best Practice Analysis


you will get a full report on your MP and how it stacks up.  The screenshot shows just the first page of results but hopefully it's enough to encourage you to take a look!


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