Presenting at MMS 2009

Just an FYI that I will be presenting two sessions on OpsMgr 2007 at MMS this year.  The first is "Targeting on Operations Manager 2007" - session SO25 - and the other is "Monitors, Aggregations, Dependencies, Rollup:  Sorting it All Out" - session SO26.  There MAY also be one on ConfigMgr but it is not cetain yet.  Hope to see a bunch of you there!

Comments (3)

  1. Congrats. It’s very good you’ll present at MMS. There is a great need to spread knowledge and teach how the whole authoring story really works, because people find it hard and documentation is still not a lot…

    Unfortunately I won’t be there to attend. Good luck!

  2. steverac says:

    Thanks – and sorry you won’t be able to attend.  I hear you on the documentation side of things – though there has been marked improvement and the blogs are full of info.  Is there anything specifically you are struggling with?


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