Testing Network Speed – Multiple Applications

A question came up recently about how to determine network speed.  In the specific environment small locations existed with just a handful of ConfigMgr clients at each.  Each location had anywhere from a very slow network link (256 MB or less) to something a bit more beefy (T1 or better)  There was no concrete knowledge of which office had which kind of connection and, for the project under consideration, having that knowledge was beneficial.

 In SMS 2.0 days - and still with SMS 2003 - there was a utility called slownet2.exe (in smsset\bin\i386 folder on SMS 2003 install media) that was used specifically for testing network speed before running a package.  This is a standalone tool and perfect for use in determine network speeds for the current project.  The use of this utility may have multiple applications beyond just ConfigMgr and OpsMgr so, since the question came up, wanted to brush the dust off of the tool and remind that it is still available if needed.

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