Deploying Virtual Apps with SCCM

My last post discussed the benefits of virtual apps, the components of App-V and briefly discussed integration with SCCM.  For this post we will discuss how to deploy a virtualized app in SCCM.  For this example we will use Microsoft Word 2007 viewer. Sequence the app The first step is to sequence the app.  App…


App-V – Introduction, Components and SCCM Integration

Virtualization is a hot topic in IT circles.  When you think of virtualization it is often is in terms of hardware using Virtual PC, Virtual Server or, the latest and best, Hyper-V.  But virtualization applies to applications as well and offers several benefits, most of which can be categorized into two very broad classes. -Reduction…


Maintenance Mode by Config File

Derek Harkin did some good work with his management pack that allows agents to be placed in maintenance mode from the agent itself simply by executing a script – no requirement for powershell, .net, etc and the user who executes the script does not need any rights to OpsMgr! The script would generate an event…


TelAlert and OpsMgr

Was working recently trying to setup email paging through TelAlert in OpsMgr 2007.  Setting up TelAlert requires using the command notification channel and passing parameters to TelAlert.  Try as we may, there were some issues we just couldn’t get around when passing data directly out of OpsMgr to TelAlert.  Ultimately we came up with a…


SCCM 2007 new features flowcharts

When SCCM 2007 was going through beta I put together some flowcharts providing detail into how the new components work.  Specifically, flows were built for DCM, SUM, OSD, NAP and Peer DP’s.  Thought these might be useful to the community as well so posting them here. note that these flows are built based on…


Updated ADMP and DHCP MP Released!

ADMP Its been a long time coming but the updated Active Directory MP has been released!  Highlights for the update include -Support for Windows Server 2008-Improved monitoring for replication, essential services and time service-Support for multiple forest monitoring-Several new Reports DHCP This update is primarly to address a few issues, such as high CPU utilization, found…


Maintenance Mode in the Console

I recently posted a web based utility that I created to allow administrators and even non-OpsMgr users to be able to trigger/schedule maintenance mode.  Another really cool use for such a web based tool is that it can be configured for use through the OpsMgr console.  No longer do you need to go to three…


Upcoming Technet Webcase on OpsMgr 2007

Microsoft Consulting Services will be hosting a TechNet Webcast to discuss architecting solutions in OpsMgr 2007.  Registration information is available at


Sample Linked Report MP

I’ve seen several posts on various forums where folks are looking for samples showing how to build an MP containing linked reports.  The report authoring guide refers to some sample files but, those files don’t exist anywhere.  I just finished up some linked report training and, as a part of the training, build out a…


Enough with the Maintenance Mode tools!!!

OK, I’ve got one more!  🙂  I put together a web application to help with maintenance mode.  This was my first attempt at building a web application so I’m sure there are inefficiencies and better ways to do it – so be kind with the comments! I wrote this tool because I haven’t seen anything…