SCOM 2007 – operational and datawarehouse grooming

The mechanism for grooming the operational database in SCOM has changed compared to MOM 2005.  In MOM 2005 we had a SQL job to handle the grooming – in SCOM 2007 we have a SCOM rule.  The rule has a set schedule to run daily at midnight – and there is no built in override…


SCOM 2007 – SP1 available

The release candidate of SCOM 2007 service pack 1 is available for download.,  This release candidate is FULLY SUPPORTED by Microsoft and is recommended to address a number of issues seen in the original release of SCOM.  The release candidate is available for download at


Branch DP Internals – client side – SCCM 2007

The last post detailed required server side processing to prepare a package for distribution to the Branch DP.  Let’s now take a look at what happens on the Branch DP to finally get the content copied to and ready for access by requesting clients. The last step in server side Branch DP package processing is…


Branch DP internals – SCCM 2007

Many customers have begun using the new Branch Distribution Point feature in SCCM 2007 – and it is fairly straight forward to setup.  But how does it actually work?  What changes have been made to accomodate the branch DP? Some required components are new and some are modified.  We will cover a few of these in…


Collection variables in SCCM 2007

Came across the need to work with collection variables recently with SCCM 2007.  This is a feature that is neatly tucked away in the properties of a collection.  If you right click on a collection and select ‘modify collection settings’ we have the option window as shown below. A collection variable is set for the…


SMS 2003 – Heartbeat Discovery

There are several discovery methods in SMS 2003 but there is only one discovery method that MUST be enabled at every site in the heirarchy that will host clients – heartbeat discovery.  Heartbeat discovery is unique in that it is the ONLY discovery method that returns a client GUID as part of the discovery record…


BDD 2007 – driver injection.

Ever wondered how BDD 2007 driver injection actually works?   There are actually three possibilities – Vista Lite Touch-ZTIDrivers calls Pnpenum to enumerate the hardware on the imaging system.  This data is stored in  Pnpenum.xml.-ZTIDrivers script compares list of hardware in Pnpenum.xml against available drives stored in Drivers.XML-ZTIDrivers copies matching drivers to c:\Drivers.-Vista SETUP injects drivers into the Vista driver…


SCCM 2007 – Binary Delta Replication

Support for delta replication was introduced in SMS 2003.  Delta replication means that when a package source files are updated, only the files that have been updated will be replicated to the distribution points.  This results in significant bandwidth savings.  With the release of SCCM 2007 we get even more granular.  Now, we are able…


Presenting at MMS 2007

For those interested in understanding the internals of server side software distribution in SMS or the internals of state based alerting in MOM 2005, come to my presentations at MMS 2007  The session info is below… SO20 State based alerts in MOM 2005 – deep dive and troubleshooting Tuesday, March 27 10:15 AM – 11:30…